About Us

Welcome to Design Inspired your One-Stop shop, where you will find it all under ONE ROOF!

We specialise in interior and exterior designs along with products such as bathrooms, kitchens, showers, tiles and services such as refurbishments, bespoke designs and installation of you home, office or retail environment.

We will take your ideas and bring them to life!

We have direct contacts with British based manufacturers providing you with only the very best in quality and style at the most competitive prices and refuse to be beaten on price. We can do EVERYTHING from the first consultation with you to the sourcing, supplying and complete installation of your project!

Our dedicated designers are here to help, assist and guide you through every step. Our contractors hold over 10 years of experience and are fully qualified, certified and insured. Our quality of service, attention to detail and passion for design is what makes us one of the best in the business. We are known for our professional attitude, attention to detail, great advice and great savings from products.

We focus on giving you peace of mind, we believe in giving you what’s right for you and with Design Inspired, customer satisfaction is our main motto!! We have earned over 10 years of valuable experience in Interior designing, project management, construction and recently in direct contact with suppliers which means WE WONT BE BEATEN ON PRICE!

Consistently delivering amazing results has never been a problem for us and you can be assured whatever your project, we have a database of Architects, Surveyors, Insured Contractors, as well as direct contacts with suppliers, all under ONE ROOF!

Remember we cater for EVERY budget! No budget is too small or too big, we are always here to help.

Come and see us today at our newly opened Design Inspired HQ where you will see our skills, small selection of our products and let your minds get filled with ideas and inspirations!

We Don’t Just Design, We Inspire